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Montag, 25 April 2016

GRAFF Poll Question

When you’re specifying projects, are you choosing more gloss or matte finishes for bathtubs? …


Dienstag, 27 Oktober 2015

Giving Thanks

Easy ways to make entertaining go smoothly The holiday season is about family, friends and food. Smells of fresh pies and seasonings, the holidays represent a time to come together and be thankful. But, with all of the gatherings, parties and events, the holidays can also be chaotic. These five tips will help make entertaining less stressful. Make a …

Health & Wellness Showers Lifestyle

Donnerstag, 25 Juni 2015

Summer Cool Down - Top 5 Reasons to Take a Cold Shower

Little-Known Wellness Benefits of a Cold Shower Whether on purpose or as a result of being the last to shower in a full household, taking a cold shower may be a blessing in disguise. According to health and fitness experts, cold showers may actually offer wellness-boosting benefits for your body and skin. Increased Energy The shock of the cold water …



Lifestyle Trends Design

Samstag, 30 Mai 2015

A Black and White Affair

A Timeless and Classic Color Palette is resurging in Bathroom Space Design In 2015, black and white color palettes are expected to lead décor trends in new home construction and among homeowners planning to renovate their bathroom spaces. This timeless, minimalistic color scheme, that was once highly popular during the Roaring 20s, is once again finding its way back into contemporary …



Chromotherapy Health & Wellness Design

Samstag, 16 Mai 2015

Bring the Spa Home

Chromotherapy: how to use color to benefit your health We’ve all heard that color can affect us in different ways and different colors can elicit different moods. But, what if we look further into the effects of color. Not just how brands use the psychology of color to prompt different emotions in us, but how we can use color to …